Books & Articles

This section is the result of the most ambitious program that is being implemented currently in Museum of Dentistry and concerns the collection of rare dental books, while concurrently digitizing those that are copyright free.
The aim is to offer the modern scholar of the History of Dentistry and also every visitor of the website the necessary material for reflection on Dentistry.
Of particular interest is the site of Dental Cosmos, the first American national monthly journal for the Dental Profession and one of the most important journals in the early history of American dentistry. The establishment of dental practice was discussed and documented in many of its pages from 1859 until 1956, when the Journal of the American Dental Association was first published and turned into one of the most successful dental journals. Many of the articles are still cited and are considered among the most classic articles in the field. The digitization of Dental Cosmos was realized thanks to the kind support of Colgate-Palmolive Company.