Title Author City Year
Libellus Dentibus Eustachius Bartolomeo VENETIIS 1563
The Operator for the Teeth (Πρωτότυπο και Ανάτυπο) Charles Allen YORK 1685
L' art de Conserver les Dent Sieur Geraudly PARIS 1737
Le Chirurgien Dentiste, ou Traite de Dents Pierre Fauchard PARIS 1746
A Treatise on the Human Teeth R.C. Skinner NEW YORK 1801
A Practical Treatise on Operative Dentistry J. Taft PHILADELPHIA 1808
System of Dental Surgery. In three parts Samuel Sheldon Fitch NEW YORK 1829
A Popular Treatise on the Teeth Shearjashub Spooner NEW YORK 1838
An essay on the Diseases of the Jaws and their Treatment L. Koecker LONDON 1847
The American System of Dentistry Wilbur E. Litch PHILADELPHIA 1856
Principles and Practice of Dental Surgey Chapin A. Harris PHILADELPHIA 1858
A Practical treatise on Mechanical Dentistry Joseph Bichardson PHILADELPHIA 1860
The Natural Hitrory of Human Teeth John Hunter LONDON 1865
Taking Impressions of the Mouth James W. White PHILADELPHIA 1871
Causerie sur la Bouche Adler M. PARIS 1874
Manuel de Prothése Oakley Coles PARIS 1874
Mechanical Dentistry Charles Hunter LONDON 1878
A Text-Book of Operative Dentistry Thomas Fillebrown PHILADELPHIA 1889
The Misro-Organism of the Human Mouth Willoughby D. Miller PHILADELPHIA 1890
American Dentistry W.W.H. Thackston BOSTON 1891
Methods of Filling Teeth Rodrigues Ottolengui PHILADELPHIA,LONDON 1892
A Treatise Pyorrhcea Alveolaris Junius E. Cravens INDIANAPOLIS 1894
Manual of Operative Technics Thomas E. Weeks CHICAGO 1894
World's History and Review of Dentistry Herman Lennmalm CHICAGO 1894
Contribution a l' étude du traitement de la Pulpe Dentaire Exposée Claude Reboulet LYON 1895
The Technical Procedures in Filling Teeth G.V. Black CHICAGO 1899
The American Text-Book of Operative Dentistry Edward C. Kirk PHILADELPHIA & NEW YORK 1900
Dental Medicine: A manual of Dental Materia Medica and Therapeuties Ferdinand J.S. Gorgas PHILADELPHIA 1901
Operative Dentistry, Bacteriology and Pathology of Dental Caries G.V. Black CHICAGO 1901
Notes on the treatment and Filling Teeth WM Cass Grayston LONDON 1904
A Manual of Mechanical. Dentistry and Metallurgy. Geo W. Warren PHILADELPHIA 1905
Die kunstliche Deformation des Gebisses Hermann Schröder GREIFSWALD 1906
A Work on Operative Dentistry. In two Volumes. The Technical Procedures in Filling Teeth G.V. Black CHICAGO 1908
Principles and Practice of Fillinfg Teeth with Porcelain John Q. Byram DDS NEW YORK, LONDON 1908
A History of Dentistry Vincenzo Guerini Cav UFF PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK 1909
An Atlas of Dental Extractions with Notes on the Causes and Relief on Dental Pain C. Edward Wallis LONDON 1909
The Canadian Dental Directory   TORONTO 1909
History of Dentistry Charles RE Koch   1910
Dental Laws Alphonso Irmin USA 1912
The Tightening of Loose Teeth Witkowski,Translate: E.Neuman, W.Gabriel LONDON 1912
The Gysi Adaptable Articulator Alfred Gysi NEW YORK 1913
A Work on Operative Dentistry. V.1. The Pahology of the Hard Tissues of the Teeth G.V. Black CHICAGO,LONDON 1914
A Work on Operative Dentistry. In two Volumes. The Pathology of Hard Tissues on the Teeth G.V. Black LONDON 1917
Essentials of Operative Dentistry W. Clyde Davis LONDON 1917
Operative Technics. A Convenient Reference and Manual for Practionioners and Students of Dentistry WHO McGehee PHILADELPHIA 1921
History of Dentistry J.A. Taylor PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK 1922
Clinics on Paper (Vo 2) Dental Digest, ING PENNSYLVANIA 1947